New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo was officially promoted Wednesday at Gillette Stadium, but there won’t be very much time to celebrate.

He’s got some work to do.

Mayo has to hire a coaching staff, and though he’s set up interviews for the defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator positions, there haven’t been any further moves made since his promotion. That’s because Mayo is still making decisions, finding the right people to fill his (pretty specific) vision.

“I would say just like (Kraft) alluded to, everything is still under consideration. The staff that I’ve been working with isn’t the staff that I have chosen, but everything is under evaluation,” Mayo said, per team-provided transcript. “One thing I would say with all of my coaches, the number one thing is developing people, and with this generation — back when I first started playing, most of the time a coach would say something and guys would do it. I think with this generation, you have to show them that you care about them before you get into competency as far as X’s and O’s are concerned.

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“That’s one thing I feel like with all my coaches, they should know the players. They should know their room better than I do. They’re closer. They’re closer to those guys, and they have that day-to-day interaction. But to me, whether we’re talking offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coordinator, all that stuff is under (evaluation), and my number one thing is I want to bring in developers.”

It’s a clear vision, with Mayo making looking like he’ll be able to step into the “CEO” role that most head coaches occupy at the highest level. If you look a bit deeper into his words, it can be assumed the 37-year-old wants to hire younger coaches who are able to connect with players. The Patriots have a few of those in place, but not in coordinator positions.

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New England does not have a defensive coordinator, with previous defensive play-caller Steve Belichick still deciding whether or not he’ll return. Bill O’Brien, the offensive coordinator, is also deciding whether or not he’ll make a move, while special teams Cam Achord has been on the hot seat for a few seasons — according to fans, at least.

Mayo’s additions, whoever they may be, will be entrusted to help lead the way in New England. That’s how the new Patriots coach wants it.

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“As we evaluate the players, the scheme and things like that, I think you have to evaluate the culture and evaluate how the pieces fit,” Mayo said. “I will say this: My philosophy, I don’t want to be an echo chamber. I just don’t. I want people who are going to be honest and open and hopefully come together and make a sound decision. What’s an expert? An expert has to be validated by their peers. … I think you have to lean on the experts in their space.”

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