When Patriots owner Robert Kraft and longtime head coach Bill Belichick decided to part ways, it marked the first time in 24 years New England had the opportunity to attract suitors for the position. It marked the first time in a quarter of a century that Kraft could hear outside opinions and gain external insight on the Patriots.

Instead of doing so, though, Kraft moved forward with what he knew. The Patriots announced Jerod Mayo as the organization’s next head coach one day later. It caused some to question Kraft’s decision-making and others to wonder why Kraft didn’t take full advantage of the situation.

When introducing Mayo as the 15th head coach in franchise history at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, Kraft explained his decisiveness. Simply put, he wanted to stick to his instincts. But in explaining himself, Kraft painted the picture and used examples of his past business dealings, his intimate and personal relationships and even recalled how Bill Parcells once caused him to avoid his gut feeling on Belichick.

“In all our companies, early on when we started doing well, people tried to get us to go public and bring in partners and make all kinds of money and everything,” Kraft told reporters. “I made a decision I always wanted to stay private, and didn’t want partners who would weigh in.

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“Because our family, it’s a family group of business, and we like to think strategically what’s best for the long term, not have to do things that are gonna require quick decisions. And we’re willing to do things that are unorthodox. It’s worked out pretty well for us over the last 50 years.”

Specifically as it related to Parcells, Kraft said his instincts in 1996 told him to hire Belichick. But because of how Parcells’ tenure ended in New England, and Belichick’s relationship with Parcells, he passed. Kraft told the story of Belichick as a way to express his confidence in Mayo, and as another example to show how his gut never steered him wrong.

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“Well, I have the same feeling now having watched Jerod for 16 years in a lot of different situations,” Kraft said. “I think sometimes we think a little differently than our competitors and we try to do what’s right for our system.”

Kraft and company put a clause in Mayo’s contract that made Mayo the succession plan for Belichick. It’s how the Patriots were able to hire Mayo one day after parting ways with Belichick, rather than having to go through the league’s hiring process.

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“I think we got someone very special, who understands how to manage young people today,” Kraft said of Mayo. “I mean, the world is different than 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. And in all our businesses, we try to create a culture that people want to stay with and be there long-term. And I think that Jerod has the makeup and chemistry, and it’s genuine.”

Also during the introductory press conference, Kraft explained how the Patriots plan to attack their personnel department and hinted his bias amid the search for an executive.

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