Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo wanted to keep Steve Belichick on his first staff, offering the 36-year-old an opportunity to return to New England for a 13th season.

Belichick instead chose to explore a new opportunity.

Belichick, who worked on the Patriots’ defensive coaching staff in a variety of roles from 2012-2023, elected to move on to pastures anew. It led him all the way to Seattle, where he was hired as defensive coordinator for the Washington Huskies.

“There was a couple things going on, whether it was stay in New England or bounce around a little bit,” Belichick told Chris Long on Friday’s episode of the “Green Light” podcast. “I worked with Jedd Fisch, the head coach here, he was (with the Patriots) in 2020, coaching the quarterbacks. We got to know each other, then he left and went to Arizona. We kept in touch, he gave me this opportunity and I’m just running with it.”

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Belichick, whose father you might be familiar with, expounded on the reason when asked what type of coach he wanted to be. It isn’t uncommon for assistants to leave New England and fail because they just do a Bill Belichick impression, and that’s exactly what Steve is looking to avoid.

“I would say I’m different from those guys,” Steve Belichick said. “I grew up with my dad. Being a son, you’re always kind of in the shadow. When he left Cleveland, I was eight, but ever since then, I tried to not be him. I want to be Steve. I don’t want to be Bill. People say we sound the same, so that’s one thing I can’t really change, but other than that, I’ll take a couple of things. But I want to be myself.”

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The Patriots still will have one Belichick around, as Brian is staying on the staff as safeties coach. It will continue the tradition of having at least one member of the family working in New England that has extended throughout the 21st century.

Steve, though, is looking at something new.

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