You can include Matthew Slater among the notable members of the Patriots community who weren’t thrilled with how “The Dynasty” came out.

A handful of New England legends — including a few who were involved in the making of the AppleTV+ docuseries — have publicly expressed their issues with the 10-part project. Devin McCourty felt “duped” by the producers, while Rodney Harrison seemingly thought the interviewers wasted his time. Former Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy went as far as calling the docuseries “trashy.”

Matthew Slater, like McCourty and Harrison, was interviewed for the series and wasn’t thrilled with how his remarks were portrayed on screen. The recently retired special teams legend was particularly irked about how his comments on former head coach Bill Belichick were shaped.

“I’m not sure how I feel about everything,” Slater recently said on Julian Edelman’s “Games With Names” podcast. “Some comments that I made on there that made it seem like Bill was just this, like, very demanding presence. And he was, but I also want people to see that there are multiple sides of Bill. He’s being portrayed in a certain light.”

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Jeff Benedict, the author of the book that the docuseries was based on, refuted the widely believed claim that “The Dynasty” was a Belichick hit piece. Robert Kraft wasn’t willing to address that topic at the NFL annual meeting, but the Patriots owner was “disappointed” by the focus on the negative aspects of New England’s dynastic run.

There’s no doubt Belichick ruffled many feathers across his 24-year run in Foxboro, Mass. But it seems like the majority of his former players still hold the future Pro Football Hall of Famer in high regard.

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