It’s no secret that “The Dynasty” documentary released by Apple TV+ didn’t come with very many positive reviews, especially from those who lived the New England Patriots’ decades-long run of dominance.

Devin McCourty and Rodney Harrison, for instance, learned a valuable lesson in participating in the docuseries.

If there’s anything negative about the Patriots, it’ll be the focus.

“I felt like I got kinda duped,” McCourty told Harrison, per video provided by Pro Football Talk. “I was like, ‘Man, this is gonna be great.’ Like the storytelling, we’re talking about this and we’re talking about that. Everything that we all gave to the 20 years that it encompassed, it only hit anything that was negative.”

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McCourty and Harrison were some of the few participants who came across well in the series, with McCourty’s honesty being a refreshing change from many of the other primary figures featured. He claims there was much more positive from his time in New England, which was glossed over in favor of the negative aspects to his tenure.

McCourty, in particular, was highlighted when the documentary shifted toward Belichick’s relationship with former President Donald Trump.

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“Hey, we won at a high level, and guys stayed there,” McCourty said. “I could’ve left two times; I signed back. There’s reasons why.”

In what people have called a “Bill Belichick hit piece,” those who had positive experiences playing for him definitely aren’t thrilled with how things came off.

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