Patriots fans and multiple former players expressed their displeasure over how “The Dynasty” focused on controversy rather than the successes of New England over the past two decades, and you can count Robert Kraft as one of those people.

Fans and pundits were quick to blame the Patriots owner primarily due to the “Kraft Production” credit at the end of every episode of the Apple TV+ docuseries. However, the author of the book the series is based on and director Matthew Hamachek denied the Krafts had any input on the creative process.

Devin McCourty felt “duped” by the portrayal of his quotes, and Rodney Harrison wasn’t too thrilled by his commission in the docuseries. Fellow former Patriot Kyle Van Noy called the Apple TV+ series “trashy.” Kraft was right in line with those sentiments.

“Felt bad that there was so much emphasis on the controversial,” Kraft told reporters at the annual NFL meetings Tuesday, per The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. “… I wish they had focused more on our Super Bowl wins, the 21-game win streak. A little disappointed there wasn’t a real more positive approach.”

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Robert Kraft seemingly wasn’t afraid in “The Dynasty” to throw Bill Belichick under the bus, and Jonathan Kraft’s recounting of the Aaron Hernandez situation didn’t paint the former Patriots head coach in the best light, which was the main source of complaints that fans and former players had with the docuseries. It was a topic Robert Kraft was less forthright about.

“We look forward to inducting Bill into the Patriots Hall of Fame,” the New England owner said.

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