Bill Belichick isn’t painted in the best light in “The Dynasty,” and the Kraft Productions credit called into question how much editorial control Patriots ownership had on the Apple TV+ docuseries.

Belichick doesn’t exactly say a whole lot through the first eight episodes of “The Dynasty,” and Robert Kraft stood out in the Aaron Hernandez episode when he expressed remorse and regret over how the situation played out. But Jonathan Kraft threw the former New England head coach under the bus, and commentary around Belichick and Tom Brady points the blame at the former for driving the future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback out of town.

The author of “The Dynasty” claimed the docuseries is not meant to be a hit piece on Belichick, and director Matthew Hamachek has been open about why certain moments and events were left out. He also cleared the air on the “conspiracy” that the Krafts gave him and producers input on the docuseries.

“Well, everything should always be blamed. Any negative things should always be blamed on me,” Hamachek said on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher & Hardy” on Friday. “That’s my philosophy. Everything that everybody loves should be credited to everybody else. I don’t mind any of it. The answer is this. No, there’s no great conspiracy where the Krafts are behind the scenes. They had no editorial control over this thing whatsoever. Zero. None. Nothing, really.”

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Hamachek’s comments don’t rule out the Krafts might have had an agenda when agreeing to be interviewed for the docuseries. While they might not have direct input over the football activities, it’s hard not to see the narrative of the 2024 team being one that placed the blame on Belichick for the franchise’s struggles post-Brady. But it’s a battle “The Dynasty” director isn’t personally interested in diving deep on.

“None. They saw the final product when it was finished,” Hamachek said. “I still haven’t even had the chance to talk and listen to them, and hear what their opinions are, because, believe it or not, they have better things in their lives to do than to let documentary filmmakers know how they feel about things. So you know, I set out to make this story. I’m not a fan of this team, and it doesn’t mean I hate the team, but I was much more interested in this intellectual question of what does it take to get there, than I was about being part of these turf wars. Everybody’s trying to figure out, you know, who’s on who’s side and who’s doing what, and all these kind of things. It’s just it’s not something that concerns me. I don’t have a dog in this fight. And, I was just trying to tell an interesting story, and I really sit back and listen to a lot of these people talk and, you know, hear what they have to say.”

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The final two episodes of the Patriots docuseries will look into the final Super Bowls after 2016 as well as the Brady-Belichick divide, which surely will elicit strong responses from fans on how that will be portrayed.

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