Baker Mayfield has been floated as a potential option for the Patriots, and now there are actually some rumors starting to swirl regarding New England’s interest in the signal-caller.

Mayfield just might be the Patriots’ choice if they’re looking to maximize assets.

Daniel Jeremiah and Rich Eisen weren’t having enough fun watching combine record be broken, and decided to share a rumor that apparently is floating around Indy. Jeremiah, just before going off the air Saturday, relayed something he heard as it pertains to Mayfield and the Patriots.

“We all assume that Baker just goes right back to Tampa,” Jeremiah said, as seen on NFL Network. “I had someone say, ‘You know, don’t sleep on the New England Patriots.’ If the New England Patriots are in the Baker business, then the No. 3 pick is up for sale, and now the dominoes start going and we can really have some fun.”

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The Patriots have so many holes to fill, though. If they’re going to use the No. 3 pick, would they really take a wide receiver like Marvin Harrison Jr.?

“This is why it makes sense if you’re New England,” Jeremiah argued. “That’s why I’ve thought about them as a (Justin) Fields team, because they could just sit at three and take the quarterback, but when you think about the cupboard being bare and needing guys, now all of a sudden I get a veteran. I can auction off No. 3 and all these holes I’ve got to fill, now I’ve got a boatload of picks to go fill them with.”

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It’s certainly an interesting proposition, though from what we’ve heard the Patriots already have a three-step plan in place. New England reportedly wants to take a rookie quarterback and pair him with a veteran, not decide between one or the other. We’ve also heard Mayfield has supporters at One Patriot Place, so who’s to be believed?

This might be a product of gossip, but it’s something for the Patriots to think about.

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