LOWELL, Mass. — PWHL Boston is postseason bound after closing out the regular season with a thrilling 4-3 win over PWHL Montreal on Saturday afternoon.

Boston ends the regular season at 12-9-2-1 to qualify for the playoffs. The league gained attention and support throughout the season. Within the Boston organization, the growth of the league and the support of the fans are are not values that are taken lightly.

“The support that we’ve gotten from all the fans has been tremendous,” Boston defender Megan Keller told reporters at Tsongas Center. “Not only to know that it did start with us. Before we even started playing hockey, there were women paving the way for women’s professional hockey for so long. They fought for a moment like this to look back and appreciate what we’re a part of. It’s really cool to see.”

Another loud crowd that led to a sellout at Tsongas Center on Saturday afternoon offered a fitting culminating moment for the franchise to end the regular season on a high note. The PWHL found legitimate success in the first season, building on the legacy of women’s hockey and opening up a new chapter in the story of the sport.

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The PWHL playoffs begin on May 8.

Featured image via PWHL Boston defender Megan Keller prepares for a faceoff during a PWHL hockey game against Montreal on Sunday, Feb. 4 at Tsongas Center in Lowell, Mass.