Jared Carrabis has operated in just about every medium in his career covering the Boston Red Sox as a self-proclaimed “unconventional media member.”

From blogging to writing to podcasting, which he currently does as the host of the “Section 10” podcast with Steve Perrault, Coley Mick, Tyler Milliken and Jake Yasi, Carrabis’ baseball resume spans far and wide. After time hosting “Like A Pro” on NESN 360, Carrabis begins his next chapter with NESN as the host of “Unobstructed Views,” the network’s new alternate Red Sox broadcast.

Carrabis will be joined by a series of co-hosts, including NESN analyst and Red Sox Hall of Famer Jonathan Papelbon, across 10 installments of the broadcast during the 2024 season.

“The excitement is ‘Who knows where this will go?” Carrabis told NESN.com. “That’s part of it for me. That will be part of the draw for anyone that’s interested in watching.”

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Carrabis admittedly did not study other programs such as ESPN’s “Manningcast” or the “Kayrod” baseball presentation. There’s a reason for that: keeping his own spin on presenting the Red Sox through his eyes.

“As a baseball podcaster, I don’t listen to other baseball podcasts,” Carrabis shared. “I don’t want your ideas. I don’t want to think of something and have someone already do that. I’ve never seen an alternate broadcast for any sport. I know that I’ve done live streams. I can bring an element of that to this. We’re also going to have guests. I’m also hoping to bring in ‘Section 10‘ on the side. I keep comparing it to ‘The Muppets.'”

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Carrabis acknowledged that there are no tentative expectations that fans should expect when they tune in for this Red Sox presentation. That creates the intrigue to tune in from his perspective.

“That’s what I’m hoping to create out of this,” Carrabis said. “You have to keep people engaged. How do you do that? You just keep changing it up. It can’t just be this flowing conversation or whatever. You can tune that out. If you quite simply don’t know what’s happening next, you’re going to be more engaged.”

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“It’s an alternate broadcast,” Carrabis added. “It’s not your traditional broadcast. That’s the coolest thing about it. … These opportunities didn’t exist when I first started.”

Carrabis takes pride in each step of his career and doing it through his own unique style that all started with pure Red Sox fandom. While conventionalism told him to ditch his fandom, Carrabis continued to operate on his terms.

“I don’t really process anything until the offseason,” Carrabis explained. “This winter, it will probably hit me. … I can’t say here and say it was a dream of mine because it didn’t exist.”

Carrabis continued: “It’s a very cool thing. I’m very proud of it. I’m very thankful and grateful for the opportunity because it’s the first of its kind. NESN and the Red Sox are trusting me with being the guy to do it. That’s not lost on me at all.”

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The first installment of “Unobstructed Views” hits the air on Tuesday, June 25 when the Red Sox host the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park. You can tune in on NESN+ and NESN 360.

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