New York Jets Benefit from NFL Schedule Rest Advantages


May 30, 2023

The NFL schedule is essential for teams’ success, and the New York Jets seem to have received some significant advantages this year. While the strength of opponents is crucial, the Jets have been given favorable scheduling considerations, particularly in terms of rest. The league has provided them numerous benefits that could potentially boost their performance on the field.Rest Advantage: Jets’ Best in the NFL

New York faces a tough schedule when looking at their opponents, ranked 26th in terms of ease, but they have been granted significant rest advantages. This aspect of the schedule often goes unnoticed, but it can make a substantial difference for teams. The Jets have received an impressive net rest edge of plus 12 days, the highest in the entire NFL. They will have more rest than their opponents in five games, the second-best record in the league. Furthermore, unlike some teams that face three-day rest disadvantages, they never play with more than a one-day rest disadvantage.

Aaron Rodgers and the Jets: A Fortunate Combination

The schedule advantages provided to the Jets this season are seen as a potential boost for their new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. The former Green Bay Packer joins the Jets under the bright lights of New York. The team’s home games will be extensively broadcasted, showcasing the iconic New York City skyline and creating an atmosphere contributing to their overall image of a big market+big star player. Finally, with Rodgers leading the team, the Jets hope to break their trend of underachieving and eventually find success.

A Helping Hand from the NFL?

While a computer algorithm primarily generates the NFL schedule, there are speculations that New York’s favorable treatment may have been influenced by the league’s desire to elevate the team’s performance. Although creating schedules is an intricate and challenging task, it is possible that certain adjustments were made to benefit the Jets, especially with the addition of Aaron Rodgers. The significant rest advantages bestowed upon the team align perfectly with Rodgers’ arrival in New York.

Equity in Rest: A Questionable Aspect of Scheduling

When examining the fairness of the NFL schedule, the rest disparities among teams come into focus. It is essential to consider whether it is equitable for one team to have zero games with a rest disadvantage while another team faces six such games. The balance in rest advantages and disadvantages is crucial in ensuring fair competition.

Comparing the rest disadvantages among teams, there is evident room for improvement. Last year, only two teams played five or more games with a rest disadvantage. However, this year, the number has increased to eight teams. This disparity raises concerns about player health and fairness. With a total of 424 players on the rosters of these eight teams, it becomes essential to address this issue and strive for more equitable scheduling practices.

Although the New York Jets face a lot of good teams, they have received significant advantages in terms of rest. With Rodgers leading the team, New York aims to capitalize on these advantages and deliver a successful season. However, the issue of rest equity among teams remains a topic of concern and warrants further examination by the NFL.

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