Betting on a Breakout: Spencer Strider Commands NL Cy Young


Aug 6, 2023

The Top Contender

Spencer Strider has rightfully earned his place at the top of the betting board. His odds were at +250 this morning, and they’ve just shortened to +200. Strider has had an impressive performance this season, leading the major leagues with an astounding 208 strikeouts in 129 innings. It’s a statistic that would make any baseball fan take pause.

Zac Gallen, who has moved into the second spot, stands at +330. However, Strider’s consistency outshines Gallen’s performance, making him a safer bet in this two-horse race.

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A Disappointing Drop

While Strider’s star is shining brightly, the same can’t be said for Blake Snell. Once a strong contender, Snell has fallen back due to a recent slump in his performance. He has gone back to his old habits – walking too many batters – leading to frustration for both his team and his fantasy owners. His inconsistency makes him a risky bet, especially in head-to-head formats, which is why he has been effectively ruled out of winning this award.

Doubling Down on Strider

Strider’s recent dominance and consistent performance have inspired more than just faith. As a bettor, Strider seems to be the safer, more promising pick. For bettors that have already backed Strider, even a double down on the Braves ace seems like a wise move, considering his solid stats and the fact that he’s still fetching 2-1 money.

Making Up for the Past

Last year, Strider narrowly missed out on winning the Rookie of the Year award to Michael Harris in a tight vote. This year, however, could be his moment of redemption. In a way, it feels like Al Pacino’s Oscar win for “Scent of a Woman” after missing out on it for his previous iconic roles. If Strider maintains his current form, this could be his “Scent of a Woman” moment for the 2023 season.

Looking Forward to a Win

For fans, bettors, and certainly for Strider himself, this season offers the hope of a significant win. With Strider’s incredible performance and the potential for him to outshine other contenders, betting on him seems like the wisest choice. The rest of the season promises to be exciting, with the possibility of Strider finally getting his due recognition in the form of an award. In the world of baseball betting, Spencer Strider is a name you should definitely be keeping an eye on.

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