Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz Boxing Betting Insights: Public Loves Nate Diaz


Aug 4, 2023

As the boxing world gears up for another epic clash, we take a closer look at the most anticipated bout of the season: Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz. With the fight looming, sportsbook data from BetMGM offers some intriguing insights into this highly awaited match.

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At the outset, Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation turned boxing star, opened as the significant favorite with -300 odds. He has demonstrated some strong performances in the ring, causing a stir in the boxing community with his unorthodox entry into the sport. Given his track record, it’s no surprise he is leading the betting odds. However, Paul’s odds have since gotten even larger at -400, indicating an increased expectation of his victory.

How to Watch Paul vs. Diaz

Conversely, the MMA titan Nate Diaz, known for his tenacity and grit, was introduced with +250 opening odds. His odds have slightly adjusted, getting bet up to +300, as he remains a clear underdog. In the fight game, though, surprises are always a punch away, and Diaz has been known to deliver them.

Despite these disparities, the BetMGM ticket percentage tells a different tale. A significant chunk of the betting public is placing their faith in Diaz, with a whopping 78% of the tickets backing the MMA stalwart. Meanwhile, Paul has garnered only 12% of the betting tickets. Intriguingly, a large number of bettors are wagering on a draw with an impressive 10% of the tickets, an unusual figure for a boxing match, reflecting the level of uncertainty surrounding this bout.

However, the distribution is a little more even-handed when it comes to the handle percentage. Paul has raked in 46% of the total handle, which corresponds more closely to his odds of winning, while Diaz is holding a substantial 51%, illustrating his broad fan base and the belief of a potential upset. That said, because of the large gap between Diaz tickets and money wagered, it doesn’t appear the smart, big money is on the UFC fighter.

It’s important to note that the odds are in constant flux and could continue to change as we approach the fight. Nevertheless, the data we have at the moment speaks volumes about the public sentiment around this thrilling matchup.

As we wait for the final bell to toll, this fight promises to deliver a spectacle, regardless of the outcome. Whether you’re a fan of Paul’s untraditional yet practical style, or Diaz’s undeniable perseverance and experience, one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a night to remember.

BetMGM continues to monitor these odds closely, giving fans and bettors a keen insight into this electrifying bout. Whether you’re backing Paul, Diaz, or the rare chance of a draw, keep your eyes glued to the ring, and may the best man win!

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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