Salt Lake City: Is Utah the Next Major League Sports Hub?


Feb 19, 2024

In the world of sports expansion, the spotlight is turning towards Salt Lake City as a prime candidate for the introduction of new teams to major leagues. As discussions heat up, the potential for Salt Lake City to secure a spot in the sports expansion landscape is becoming increasingly likely.

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Salt Lake City, with its robust market of three million people, resembles Oklahoma City’s sports scene but stands out due to the uniqueness of its geographical location and time zone. Located in the mountain time zone, Salt Lake City presents a valuable opportunity for leagues looking to expand their footprint, given its notable distance from other major cities and its position as a potential second hub in the mountain region alongside Denver.

The key components for Salt Lake City’s sports expansion bid hinge on developing suitable facilities and solid ownership. Enter The Larry H. Miller Company, a name synonymous with the Utah Jazz and a legacy in the realm of sports and business in Salt Lake City. The Miller Company’s ambitious $3.5 billion development project aims to revitalize the downtown area, specifically the power district, with plans for a minor league facility that could pave the way for future expansion.

The NHL and MLB are closely monitoring Salt Lake City’s developments, with the NHL’s Gary Bettman exploring options for expansion or relocation. Meanwhile, the NBA’s ongoing success with the Utah Jazz, Salt Lake City, is an attractive destination for major league sports. The possibility of adding a team in Salt Lake City is seen not just as a regional boost but as a strategic expansion that benefits the leagues at large.

As Salt Lake City continues to make strides in its bid for sports expansion, the vision for the city’s future in major league sports is becoming more apparent. With strong market potential and strategic development projects underway, Salt Lake City is poised to become the next big name in sports expansion, following in the footsteps of cities like Vegas. The anticipation for official announcements is high, and the impact on the sports world will undoubtedly be significant.

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