Tue, Jul 23, 2019
Start Title Airing
12:00am Mega Fights Callum Smith vs. Erik Skoglund (Liverpool, UK 9/16/17) NEW
2:00am NESN Sports Today
2:30am NESN Sports Today
3:00am Dirty Water TV Unico Resort Mexico
3:30am Dirty Water TV Fort Myers, Florida
4:00am NESN Sports Update NEW
4:20am NESN Sports Update
4:40am NESN Sports Update
5:00am Cam Neely: Call to the Hall
6:00am Cam Neely: The Definitive Bruin
7:00am Follow the Money LIVE
10:00am Dining Playbook with Billy & Jenny
10:30am Wicked Bites 3rd Annual Salute to Summer
11:00am Cruisin New England with Paul Mennett Indian Day at the Wood Museum of Springfield History
11:30am Red Sox Report Jim Rice: A Hall of Fame Journey
12:00pm Red Sox Extra Innings LIVE
12:30pm Red Sox Final LIVE
1:00pm Focused
1:30pm In the Spotlight
2:00pm Outside the Fame Jake Peavy
2:30pm Destination Polaris
3:00pm Golf America NEW
3:30pm Golf Destination
4:00pm Outside the Fame Bill Lee
4:30pm Outside the Fame Jake Peavy
5:00pm Red Sox Report
5:30pm Red Sox Report
6:00pm Red Sox First Pitch LIVE LIVE
6:30pm Red Sox Gameday LIVE LIVE
7:00pm Red Sox First Pitch LIVE
7:30pm Red Sox Gameday LIVE
8:00pm Ring of Honor NEW
9:00pm Hollywood Wrestling NEW
10:00pm Red Sox Extra Innings LIVE LIVE
10:30pm Red Sox Final LIVE LIVE
11:00pm NESN Sports Today LIVE LIVE
11:30pm Red Sox Report
Schedule published on Thu, Jul 11, 2019 6:37pm
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