Wide Receiver Josh Reed to Visit Patriots on Sunday


The Patriots will host former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Josh Reed on Sunday in the team's bid to find a strong receiver to play opposite Randy Moss as Wes Welker recovers from knee surgery.

The report from ProFootballTalk.com is rather surprising, as Reed isn't known for his separation skills — a trait the Patriots will lack until Welker returns. It is possible that the Patriots are comfortable with youngster Julian Edelman shouldering some of that load and using Reed as a complement until Welker returns. At that point, Reed would move to the third spot in the wide receiving corps, a position more suited to his possession game.

Reed was largely phased out of the Bills' scheme last season, recording four-year lows in receptions (27) and total yards (291). His career 11.5 yards per reception along with 10 touchdowns in eight seasons (311 total receptions) show he is not a playmaker, a skillset the Patriots are thought to covet.

Reed's reliable hands have caused him to only fumble only twice in his career, once in 2002 and again in 2003. The 29-year-old recorded a career-high 597 receiving yards in 2008, but scored just one touchdown during that season and has never scored more than two in a season.

The former second-round pick made $2.5 million last season for the Bills. Reed's claim to fame is being one of the most dominant wide receivers in SEC history when playing for Louisiana State.

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