49ers’ Larry Grant Fed Skittles by Fan After Forcing Fumble, a Clear Jab at Marshawn Lynch (Video)


Larry Grant and Marshawn Lynch probably didn't exchange Christmas cards after Saturday's game, as Grant mocked Lynch during a celebration in the closing minutes of San Francisco's win.

After forcing a fumble late in the game, Grant ran over to where some 49ers fans were seated, at which point the 26-year-old linebacker was fed a nice little treat. The fans poured Skittles down onto Grant as he looked up to them in celebration.

Grant's candy-based antics were a clear shot at Lynch, as the Seahawks running back has become known for his Skittle-eating habits on the sideline. Lynch's habit started when he was in high school, but it's generated a lot of buzz recently. In fact, Lynch was offered a two-year supply of Skittles by Mars, as well as a customized dispenser for his locker. Nike even created cleats with Skittles on them.

Lynch did score a touchdown on Saturday, so he may have actually tasted the rainbow himself. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, though, he also tasted defeat.

Check out Grant's emphatic Skittles celebration below.

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