Kenny Dalglish Says Quick-Thinking Doctors Saved Steve Gerrard From Possible Ruin


Kenny Dalglish Says Quick-Thinking Doctors Saved Steve Gerrard From Possible RuinSteve Gerrard is on the road to recovery after suffering an ankle infection. We'll never know what would have been if Liverpool doctors hadn't reacted as quickly as they did on that fateful October day, according to ESPN.

"If it hadn't been dealt with quickly and properly it could have ended up more serious," Kenny Dalglish told The People. "But he got fantastic treatment and it's been sorted and solved.

"The credit goes to our medical people who identified it and reacted. It was unknown territory for us."

Gerrard has been out since Oct. 29 as he recovers from a serious ankle infection. He suffered a cut in practice the day before Liverpool's game at West Brom. The area swelled with fluid in the hours that followed, and doctors' intervention may have saved his career. He then underwent a surgical procedure to drain the infection, followed by a course of antibiotics.

This is the 31-year-old captain's second battle with infection in recent months. He underwent surgery to cure a persistent groin problem at the end of last season. Infection hit the area in July and kept him out of Liverpool's early games.

He has just five appearances this season, but Dalglish and his staff have been extra-cautious in managing his return. He is set to join full training this week and the Reds' manager hopes Gerrard will make an impact in 2012.

"When you consider what he has been through he has done unbelievably well," he said. "But he has a strong character and that is reflected in coming through what he's been through. He is desperate to play but we need to manage it properly."

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