Alex Ovechkin Accused of Spitting in Derek Dorsett’s Face During Game


Alex Ovechkin Accused of Spitting in Derek Dorsett's Face During GameThere's been some talk around the league lately that the old Alex Ovechkin may be back, and as we all remember, that Ovie played with an edge that fans haven't seen much of lately.

This past weekend, Ovechkin may have pushed a little too far past that edge into the realm of dirty play.

Columbus Blue Jackets agitator Derek Dorsett accused Ovechkin of spitting in his face during an altercation in the second period of Saturday's game.

"That's why I was yelling at the ref so much and yelling at him in the penalty box," Dorsett said. "I find that pretty disrespectful. That's probably one of the most disrespectful things someone can do, especially a guy who is the best player in the league. It's classless."

It's a testament to Ovechkin's improved play of late that Dorsett would call him "the best player in the league" instead of making some snide comment about how good Ovie used to be, but then again, A.O. scored two goals in the third period to lead the Capitals to a 4-2 victory.

Unfortunately, the Blue Jackets aren't on the Capitals schedule again this season, so Ovechkin won't have to answer for his alleged misdeeds any time soon. But it should set up an interesting matchup the next time he sees Dorsett.

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