Report: Sex Toy Thrown Onto Ice During Canadiens-Jets Game After Lars Eller Hat Trick


People bring all kinds of things to hockey games in the hopes of throwing them onto the ice. Usually, hats.

Previously this season, we've seen one fan go so far as to throw a dead duck over the boards. But we've never seen a fan crazy enough to throw a sex toy onto the ice. Until now.

One enterprising fan attending the Canadiens-Jets game appears to have thrown a sex toy onto the Montreal ice after Lars Eller's third goal for the home team, according to Yahoo's Puck Daddy.

Why someone would think to bring such a thing to a game in the first place in confusing enough, let alone how they could confuse it with a hat.

There's a picture of the alleged sex toy you can see for yourself here, if you feel so inclined. At the very least, you can feel bad for the guy in charge of sweeping everything off the ice.

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