Penn State Quarterback Matt McGloin Seems to Admit He Was Joking About Tom Brady Comparison


Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin appeared to confirm some suspicions on Friday night.

McGloin made headlines by comparing himself to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, saying, “I don’t think we’re too far apart.” But on Friday night, McGloin seemed to admit that he was, in fact, acting in good-natured fun when he made the comment.

He issued the following tweet, which one can only assume is in regards to the Brady comparison.

The quote in question was certainly open to interpretation, but because of how radical it truly is, some were still left shaking their heads. Hopefully, this doesn’t stop McGloin from joking around in a similar fashing going forward, though, because everyone could always use a bit more humor in their lives.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter@GoPSUTony

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