Vote: Which Will End Sooner, the NHL Lockout or NFL Referee Lockout?


Vote: Which Will End Sooner, the NHL Lockout or NFL Referee Lockout?It's hard to feel too bad for NFL fans about watching subpar officiating when NHL fans don't even have a sport to watch for the forseeable future.

Both the NHL lockout and the NFL's replacement referee situation are a mess with no end in sight. The NHL keeps meeting about non-lockout related issues and the NFL and their referees haven't even come that far.

While the hope for the NHL lockout's end is that the two parties are meeting at all, the hope for the end of the referee lockout came in the media and players' reaction over one of the biggest blown calls in NFL history. With 24/7 coverage of the play, the NFL can't ignore the situation any further. There's already been a call that decides a game, the NFL can't wait for a call that will decide a player's career due to injury.

So which messy lockout do you see ending sooner, the NHL players or the NFL referees?

Which will end sooner, the NHL lockout or the NFL referee lockout?

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