Rajon Rondo Snaps Photos, Paul Pierce Lounges By Sea on Celtics’ Trip to Turkey (Photos)


Rajon Rondo Snaps Photos, Paul Pierce Lounges By Sea on Celtics' Trip to Turkey (Photos)Before departing for their preseason trip to Turkey and Italy, the Celtics insisted that their training camp travels were more for business than pleasure. That may be true, but the team sure seems to be having plenty of fun abroad.

Kevin Garnett eagerly signed autographs for fans, Doc Rivers joked around with some children and Paul Pierce chilled by the border of Asia and Europe during the Celtics' stay in Istanbul this week. The team, the players and members of the media tweeted photos of the activities throughout the stay, which looked to be a lot of fun as far as business trips go.

The Celtics take on Fenerbahce of the Turkish Basketball League on Friday, and by all accounts have taken their time on the court seriously. Off the clock, though, they look to be enjoying themselves.

Check out photos of the Celtics' stay in Istanbul>>

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