Lakers’ Black Uniforms Dubbed ‘Hollywood Nights,’ Also Title of 1978 Bob Seger Song (Video)


Either the Lakers have a weird sense of humor or they are unintentionally hilarious.

A couple of weeks ago, the Lakers announced they would wear black alternate uniforms in the coming season. That was enough to make a traditionalist fan want to punt Baxter in disgust, but apparently ruining one of the classic looks in sports wasn’t enough.

Not only have the Lakers put together an all-black ensemble, but the have also dubbed it their “Hollywood Nights” look. That name is hilarious, of course, since it’s also the title of a famous 1978 song by Bob Seger. In fact, “Hollywood Nights” is not at all a common euphemism, as far as we can tell. Every single link of the first page of a Google search for “Hollywood Nights” is a reference to the Seger song, which means, unequivocally, that the Lakers have named one of their uniform options after a 68-year-old rocker.

Even if we are late to the party on the Lakers’ new jerseys, which they unveiled on Instagram a week ago, it doesn’t look like anyone has yet pointed out how funny it is to link a new, edgy uni look to a rock song from 35 years ago.

Of course, the connection between the Lakers and Seger is fitting, in a way. Now that Dwight Howard is gone, the Lakers will be “running against the wind” to contend this season, and nothing save a total roster “shakedown” will be necessary for them to “turn the page” to their next era of success.

Check out the Lakers making night moves in the Instagram video below.

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