Deion Sanders Filed for Workers’ Compensation for NFL Injuries Despite Bashing Concussion Lawsuit


Deion Sanders, Eugene ParkerDeion Sanders has gone on record with his disdain for the high-profile, recently settled concussion lawsuit that will pay out a total of $765 million to former NFL players.

Sanders called the lawsuit a money grab, but it turns out that Prime Time isn’t above making a little cash off the injuries he suffered during his playing days.

Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times indicate that Sanders filed a workers’ compensation claim in May 2010, alleging a litany of injuries — including head trauma — suffered while playing for the Cowboys in the late 1990s.

According to the documents, the Division of Workers’ Compensation determined¬†the Hall of Famer to be “86 percent disabled,” and a team of four doctors diagnosed him with “more than a dozen medical conditions, including cognitive impairment and behavioral/emotional disorder.”

A “host” of current NFL employees have filed similar claims, the Times reports, including Sanders and six of his fellow NFL Network analysts. It would take the league an estimated $1 billion to resolve the nearly 4,000 claims filed against it in California.

Sanders’ case is currently pending.

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