Seahawks Cornerback Brandon Browner Has Additional Appeal Pending, Will Sue NFL If Suspension Isn’t Reduced

Brandon BrownerSeattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner‘s suspension was upheld by the NFL on Wednesday, and there is no end in sight.

Browner, who was initially suspended for one year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, had his appeal denied on Wednesday and has now been suspended indefinitely by the league. However, the Pro Bowler is still contesting the punishment. He plans to sue the league if significant changes aren’t made, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.

Browner has filed an additional appeal with the NFL, and Browner’s agent, Peter Schaffer, has said he will file a lawsuit and seek compensation if the suspension isn’t reduced.

“This decision shows how skewed and screwed up the NFL appeals process is,” Schaffer said. “One would think the NFL would hold itself to the most fundamental standards of due process and fairness and equity, and would place the mental health and recovery of its players above all else, but this decision is an absolute disgrace to all those worthy concepts.”

Players usually receive a four-game suspension for their first violation. However, Browner was advanced to Stage 3 of the program, which is usually reserved for prior offenders, after not taking drug tests during his four seasons away from the NFL. (He played in the CFL from 2007 to 2010.) Browner claims that he was unaware that he was even eligible for continued testing during his time away.

The NFL did offer Browner a reduced punishment earlier this month, which would have shortened the suspension by about three months. Browner turned down that offer, though.

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