Report: Patriots’ Security Chief Reprimanded for Week 10 Incident


November 22, 2009

After the Patriots suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Colts last Sunday in Indianapolis, everyone wanted a chance to talk to Bill Belichick about his unusual fourth-and-two call. But when an NBC cameraman tried to get in position on the field near Belichick following the game, he was greeted by Patriots' chief of security Mark Briggs.

Briggs pushed cameraman Peter Stendel aside when he tried to get a close-up shot of Belichick, and the push caused Stendel to fall to the ground. The seemingly unnecessary roughness from Briggs has caused the NFL to step in and reprimand the chief of security, reports.

Stendel told the league that Briggs did in fact push him down, but after reviewing the tape, the NFL believed it to be inconclusive since Stendel was running out of cable to his camera.

The reprimand came in the form of a letter that asked Briggs to show more restraint in the future, and TV networks were also asked to proceed with caution in similar situations.

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