Another Quiz to Prove Your Worth in Pocket Money


Dec 4, 2009

Another Quiz to Prove Your Worth in Pocket Money It's been a while since you had a chance to take your chance at Pocket Money, so let's see if that sports knowledge has gotten any bigger.

No, you won't get to meet Fitzy or win any money, but with's Pockey Money quiz, you have a chance to win some well-earned respect.

You obviously remember the little squabble on the Fenway infield between Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez, but do you remember the details?

You've likely spent a Patriots Day morning or two kicking back and enjoying the Boston Marathon on TV. But do you know how long the race actually is? Speaking of Patriots, do you know who holds the team's interception record?

Now's your chance to prove it by taking the Pocket Money quiz.

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