Mike Cameron Happy to Play Wherever the Red Sox Decide to Put Him Mike Cameron knows that the Red Sox already have a center fielder, a homegrown kid they're pretty fond of. And if the team decides that it would prefer to keep Jacoby Ellsbury in center, that's A-OK with him.

Cameron is in Boston to do his job, whatever the Red Sox coaching staff decides that job may be. His agent, Mike Nicotera, told Boston.com that the only thing his client requests is an honest evaluation of his skills. If those skills are better suited for right or left, then so be it.

"He has pride in what he can do in center field," Nicotera told Boston.com. "But at the same time, he wants to win and if Tito [Terry Francona] and Theo [Epstein] decide he's better in left field or right field or wherever, then Mike will be fine with that."

Boston is unlikely to move Ellsbury for the couple of years that Cameron is in Boston, and if that's the case, it's good to know there won't be any disgruntled veterans complaining in the dugout.

Francona indicated he would discuss the situation with Epstein, Ellsbury, Cameron and bench coach DeMarlo Hale before he makes a decision.

In another interesting tidbit, Epstein said he's been interested in acquiring Cameron in the past — twice. Remember when Manny Ramirez was placed on waivers in 2003? If he was claimed, Epstein's plan was to use some of that money to sign Cameron in his stead. Cameron was also mentioned in trade discussions when the Red Sox were interested in acquiring Alex Rodriguez prior to the 2004 season.

"It's funny how it works out, all these years later," Nicotera told the Web site. "In the back of my mind, I wondered if he would end up in Boston."