David Letterman Knocks Indianapolis with 'Top Ten Colts Excuses' Monday night, following Super Bowl XLIV, David Letterman honored the victorious Saints. The late-night host interviewed quarterback Drew Brees before receiving a pass from the Super Bowl MVP.

Letterman, an Indiana native and Ball State graduate, also poked fun at the Colts with his Top 10 list — “Top Ten Indianapolis Colts Excuses.”

10. Should have waited until after the game to eat wings and drink beer.
9.  Relax, it’s the best of seven.
8. Wanted to get home for Undercover Boss.
7. Parking at victory parades is such a hassle.
6. Too much pregame partying with Snooki and J-Woww.
5. Saints players were shoving us.
4. Because of cutbacks, we only brought 12 guys.
3. Oblong shape of ball made it quite unwieldy.
2. Right, like God is going to let a team called the Saints lose.
1. Peyton [Manning] left early to tape a Gatorade commercial.

If you have your own Colts excuses to add, please leave them in the comments section.

(Screen grab from the Late Show with David Letterman.)