Statistics Show Bruins Have 63 Percent Chance of Making Playoffs

Like numbers? Well, if you're a Bruins fan, you might like these ones. Then again, you might not.

A Web site called "Sports Clubs Stats" created a probability chart for NHL teams' chances of making the playoffs. It says the Bruins have a 62.8 percent chance of making the playoffs and predicts that the team currently has a 27 percent chance of landing the No. 7 seed and a 25 percent chance of finishing in the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference.

The site gets into a bit more detail, saying that if the Bruins go 6-11 over the last 17 games, they will have a 1 percent chance of making the playoffs and that a 10-7 record should be enough to get the job done.

Of course, the numbers don't really mean anything. The next time a team makes the playoffs because of a spreadsheet will be the first time.