It’s pretty amazing when all you have to do is stare into a camera to create a controversy, but then again, just about everything Tiger Woods does these days is guaranteed to generate some buzz.

The latest bit is Tiger’s newest commercial for Nike, one in which the voice of Tiger’s late father, Earl Woods, is used.

What’s it about? What’s the message? What is Nike trying to sell? Those answers are up to the viewer.

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Tiger Woods Commercial for Nike Creates Awkwardness, Boredom and Controversy

Quote of the day

“I never go into a situation trying to hit home runs because I still don’t consider myself a home-run hitter, but sometimes you look up and you’re able to drive the ball out of the ballpark.”
–Curtis Granderson, to The Associated Press, on the simplicity of hitting a homer off one of the game’s best closers

Comment of the day

Positivity is hard to come by in Boston after a pair of losses to the Yankees, but if you look hard enough, you can find at least one optimist.

“It’s amazing how many people are running for the hills already. You guys realize that it was the third game of the season, and we were in all of them. A bounce here, a roll there and we sweep. Beltre just missed the walk off in the ninth. Let’s all quit whining and enjoy the great game of baseball. GO SOX!!!!”
–Jerry Atric

Video of the day

This will be the topic of conversation at many water coolers on Thursday, but the question remains: Why?


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