Steve Nash Pulls One-Eyed Willy in Suns' Series-Sweeping Win Over Spurs Steve Nash finished the Suns’ series-clinching win over the Spurs with 20 points, nine assists, six stitches and one eyeball.

The Suns guard took an errant elbow from Spurs star Tim Duncan in the third quarter of Game 4 on Sunday night but was patched up with six stitches before making a triumphant return in the fourth quarter.

Los Suns went on to win the series-clinching contest 107-101 to eliminate the Spurs from the postseason.

No word yet if Chunk, Mouth, Sloth, Mikey or Brandon were searching for him after the victory.

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Steve Nash Pulls One-Eyed Willy in Suns' Series-Sweeping Win Over Spurs

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“The last three outings he has thrown have been pretty close to perfect. He has the stuff to do that every time, so we expect him to be doing it.”
–Third baseman Adrian Beltre, referring to Jon Lester, after his Sunday night win

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I guess it takes a “Smart Hockey Fan” to know that Wayne Gretzky is “the greatest American athlete in history.” Too bad he’s Canadian.

“i was a little tyke when I first saw Wayne Gretsky plaaaaay at the Garden. i remember how proud I was to be an American at that moment, AND IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY LITTLE EYES. he brought hope to a broken United States, hope that better days were coming. wayne Gretsky IS THE GREATEST AMERICAN ATHLETE IN HISTORY.”
–A Smart Hockey Fan

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Poor Bulls fans — first they get ousted by the Cavs in the playoffs, and now this?

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