Phil Jackson Offering $50 To Players For Every Offensive Charge Taken


Jun 2, 2010

In the days leading up to the start of the NBA Finals, Lakers coach Phil Jackson has been trying to get into everybody's heads, including those of his own players.

According to, Jackson is encouraging his team to take more offensive charges by offering $50 per charge. It is a strategy that the Lakers feel can help against a Celtics team known for crashing the rim.

"Their whole team is kind of a charging possibility taking team. We just got to be smart," Sasha Vujacic told "They are a very smart team that can go from block to a charge, so we've been working a lot on charges and how to take them and stuff, so we'll see."

The money comes from a team pool funded by players' fines gathered over the season.

Vujacic sees the possible advantage.

"To motivate us in a way to take charges and getting away with it," he said.

But Ron Artest is not very fond of the idea, noting that taking a charge can come with some possible physical risks.

"I don't even know how to take a charge," Artest told ESPN. "To get the charge, you have to fall. I'd rather not fall. You call an offensive foul, possibly be a fight. That's just how we grew up playing basketball."

Whether the Lakers get paid or not, they are trying their hardest to pick apart the Celtics' game and possibly use it against them.

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