Ron Artest’s Rap Video ‘Champions’ Puts Lakers, Music Industry to Shame


Ron Artest's Rap Video 'Champions' Puts Lakers, Music Industry to Shame
Forget Disney World. When Ron Artest’s Lakers won the 2010 NBA Finals, the upstanding citizen and fiery forward went straight to the recording studio and banged out some tracks that make Shaq look like Jay-Z.

“Champions” was released no more than four days after Kobe  Bryant, Pau Gasol and head coach Phil Jackson won the franchise’s 16th NBA title. Although hastily put together, it’s even worse than you could imagine.

Could it be the most brutal sports-themed rap of all time? But to be fair, he did warn us.

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Ron Artest's Rap Video 'Champions' Puts Lakers, Music Industry to Shame

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“I have a bunch of childhood friends who won’t talk to me anymore, I’ve been called every name in the book. But for me it’s not personal at all. It’s business. I have the best player on the planet asking me for advice, and what am I going to do?”
Mike Procopio (a.k.a. “Sweetchuck”), a Bostontian and Celtics fan who was hired by Kobe Bryant for video analysis heading into the NBA Finals

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