Hank Steinbrenner: ‘Yankees Will Defend World Series This Season’


Aug 26, 2010

Yankees part owner Hank Steinbrenner is talking a big game as he told reporters on Thursday that the Bronx Bombers will be defending the World Series crown this season.

Despite the loss of his father and legendary team owner, George Steinbrenner, in July, Hank believes the team will still run like the well-oiled machine that it is. He also believes the wins are going to continue to come in for the pinstripes.

However, the 53-year-old owner said it wouldn't be easy. He realizes the stiff competition that resides in the AL East.

"I think we're doing great considering Andy's [Pettitte] out and a couple of other problems," Steinbrenner said. "Obviously, we're in the toughest division by far in baseball. So it's going to be a struggle down to the wire. We'd like to win the division, but I think we can be rest assured were going to get to the playoffs, then it's a matter of what we do from there."

Steinbrenner discussed the injuries of two top starters (Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez), saying the two are doing well in their recovery process, and will be ready to rejoin the team down the stretch. Both Rodriguez and Pettitte are on schedule to return in early September.

Steinbrenner also took the time to assure fans that nothing has changed in the Yankees' winning approach now that his father has passed away. Though it's been difficult to cope with his father's passing, it hasn't been difficult to resume the winning drive that George instilled in him.

"It's not difficult for all of us getting back in the business of baseball because again we still just want to win every year if we can, no different than he did," Steinbrenner said. "Business is usual, as far as that goes."

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