Nenad Krstic, Greece-Serbia ‘Basketbrawl’ Can’t Top Greatest Sports Fights Ever

Nenad Krstic, Greece-Serbia 'Basketbrawl' Can't Top Greatest Sports Fights Ever Thursday’s Greece-Serbia “basketbrawl” definitely had its strong points, but does it hold up to some of the other great fights of recent memory.

A good argument in favor of the brawl was made by Oklahoma City Thunder and Serbia big man Nenad Krstic who went WWE on the Greeks with a blood-shedding chair throw. Krstic spent the night in prison as a result of the stunt, something not even Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson had to do after the famed “Palace Brawl.”

A fan at the Palace, though, did throw a chair in the midst of the melee. Clearly, lots of other items were thrown as well. The fist-fight on the court also definitely trumped what we saw in the Serbia-Greece match, and the fans were involved. But the Greece-Serbia fight was between countries, so that has to count for something.

The 2006 Florida International-University of Miami “footbrawl” also featured a WWE move, a body slam by a Miami player. Football fights are perhaps the rarest among the four major sports, but this one may have been the largest and nastiest of all. Players took off their helmets to use them as weapons. 13 players were ejected, and more probably should have been.

The recent Cardinals-Reds fight was impressive, but mainly because 99 percent of bench-clearing incidents in baseball result in nothing but standing around. It was novel to see the teams push their way to the backstop, and to see kicks thrown.

In early 2010, the KHL featured one of the greatest hockey fights of all time, in which the entire roster for each team matched up and threw down. The fights went on so long that players had stripped nearly all of their padding and clothing off one another. Only the backup goalies were disinterested.

As good as the Serbia-Greece brawl may have been, it probably doesn’t hold up to the pantheon of elite throw-downs.

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Nenad Krstic, Greece-Serbia 'Basketbrawl' Can't Top Greatest Sports Fights Ever

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