Boise State, Virginia Tech Stun Fans With Halloween Costume Pro Combat Uniforms


September 7, 2010

Boise State, Virginia Tech Stun Fans With Halloween Costume Pro Combat UniformsMonday night’s No. 10 Virginia Tech- No. 3 Boise State game left fans nearly speechless.

They could only say one thing: “What is Virginia Tech wearing?”

Nike has launched their line of Pro Combat uniforms at 10 of the country’s most high-profile programs this season.

Basically, all of the uniforms have odd patterning embedded in the numbers and letters, a cartoon version of their logo, and random stripes and shapes on the shoulders and legs.

Boise State looked a little odd. Their unis looked like 1970s throwbacks at first glance, except for the broncos on their pants. But still, they were at least in their school’s normal colors.

Virginia Tech, though, made it seem like Halloween — in more ways than one. The Hokies showed up in their “UT PROSIM” Pro Combat threads, which are particularly notable for being black and orange and employing some sort of microchip-style patterning on the numbers and letters.

The sports media world was stunned.

Comparison’s to “Tron” costumes spread like a wildfire on Twitter.

SI’s Stewart Mandel thought he was watching Boise State’s upcoming opponents, the Beavers of Oregon State. Coincidentally, the Beavers have their own Pro Combat uniforms that look more like Virginia Tech’s normal jerseys.

Darren Rovell of CNBC thought he was watching “Any Given Sunday.”

LeBron James, though, loved the look.

“Man them V-Tech uni’s they wearing tonight are off the chain!! Wowzers,” he tweeted.

Maybe, he was just excited that the Hokies looked more like the Miami Heat than the Hokies, or he’s sponsored by Nike too.

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Boise State, Virginia Tech Stun Fans With Halloween Costume Pro Combat Uniforms

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