Chad Ochocinco Launches Verbal Bombs at Darius Butler, Devin McCourty


Chad Ochocinco Launches Verbal Bombs at Darius Butler, Devin McCourty Chad Ochocinco loves Twitter. He's made more than 20,000 posts, ranging from requests to play fans in video games to shameless self-promotion of his iPhone app to what movies he's watching to just about everyone else.

Yet with the season getting under way this week, the 32-year-old wideout got down to business, taking aim at his Week 1 opponents.

To Patriots rookie cornerback Devin McCourty, Ochocinco wrote: "@dmccourty32 hi, my name is Esteban (S-tay-vannnn ) that's the how to pronounce it, gonna talk [expletive] to you in espanol during the game ok."

To second-year corner Darius Butler, he wrote: "@dariusbutler28 are you gonna have safety help the entire game?"

Butler and Ochocinco had exchanged Tweets (if you will) last week, most of which was friendly. This time, though, Butler didn't let it slide.

"@OGOchoCinco lol. That's gon b ya excuse when they ask u what happened week 1 against a 2nd yr guy n a rook?" Butler wrote. "my bad i took so long. I was lookin thru this film to see the last time some put a safety over top of 85."

Naturally, Ochocinco wasn't too pleased with that.

"@DariusButler28 well you must be watching high school film because there's a safety on every damn play leaning my way," Ochocinco wrote.

Butler responded: "@OGOchoCinco which game u on? I jus got off the last two games u had last season. I don't even think they had a safety on the field most the game."

For that, Ochocinco didn't have much of a response.

"@DariusButler28  just checking yo pulse home team, lets have fun #305 style on sunday #1luv," he said.

Obviously, these guys get paid to play football, not to write, but it looks like Butler may have had the upper hand in this battle. While that's entertaining on Tuesday, it's not going to mean much come Sunday.

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