David Beckham May Become ‘New Tiger Woods’ in Wake of Imra Nici Scandal


September 25, 2010

David Beckham May Become 'New Tiger Woods' in Wake of Imra Nici Scandal David Beckham seems to be in a little bit of trouble .

After Bosnian ex-call girl Imra Nici's initial tell-all interview with In Touch describing Beckham's alleged affair with her, other sources have come out of the woodwork to corroborate the story.

It's never a good thing when your name is linked to former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, but that's exactly what Beckham is now facing. Kristin Davis, madame in the Spitzer-Ashley Dupre scandal, has now claimed that she was contacted by Nici about getting a "curvy" call girl to join herself and Beckham in a sexual encounter.

Now, another woman has claimed that she, Beckham and a "curvy" woman engaged in a sexual encounter together as well.

Beckham is taking the Roger Clemens approach to the allegations — suing his accusers — but that hasn't particularly worked out for Clemens.

Still, it seems as though the people making the claims about Beckham have strong ulterior motives. Davis is running for Spitzer's former position of New York Governor, and Nici has launched a website to capitalize on her Beckham fame.

One, however, could accuse many of the Tiger Woods mistresses from similarly seeking attention, but that didn't mean they were lying. The question remains: will this stay somewhat of an isolated incident for Becks, or will he be the new Tiger Woods?

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David Beckham May Become 'New Tiger Woods' in Wake of Imra Nici Scandal


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