Orlando Magic Feeling Heat From Boston, Atlanta and Chicago, Not Just Miami


The Miami Heat may have had the biggest offseason, but the Orlando Magic have ruled the Florida hardwood for the past three years.

The Magic held media day on Monday and as Fox Sports Florida reports, questions regarding their in-state rivals dominated the transcripts.

?I think I got tired of [hearing about the Heat] as soon as LeBron [James]said he was going to Miami,? All-star center Dwight Howard told Fox Sports Florida. ?Our discussions are not about Miami and what they're doing. Our discussions are about what we are going to do to win a championship. What are we going to sacrifice? How are we going to play night in and night out so we can win a championship??

After Howard finished suggesting questions to reporters, many other players expressed disinterest in the frenzy surrounding the Heat.

?I don't think [the Miami Heat] is our focus, it's [the media's] focus. You guys are putting all the focus on Miami,? All-star point guard Jameer Nelson said. ?We've just got to control what's going on in our locker room.?

The overall disinterest seems to stem from head coach Stan Van Gundy. Always an outspoken source, Van Gundy downplayed the Heat?s unbelievable offseason and praised several Eastern Conference teams, including the Celtics.

?I don't think anybody is doubting Miami's talent and the fact that they're going to be a serious challenge, but we don't doubt Boston's talent or them being a serious challenge,? said Van Gundy. ?Or Atlanta, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia [or] Washington. There's a lot of people who got better in the East. I think the challenge only rises, and I think we're very confident in ourselves as a team and we look forward to those challenges ahead.?

The Magic and the Heat will meet for the first time in the 2010-11 regular season on Oct. 29.

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