Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth clearly don't get along. The rest of the Redskins — and their fans — probably don't have too much positive sentiment for Haynesworth either.

Luckily, Washington may be able to move the thorn in their side, as the team is in discussions with Tennessee about returning the defensive lineman to the Titans, ESPN.com reports.

Haynesworth, who signed a $100 million contract in 2009 with the Redskins, underperformed last season and has continually caused problems leading up to this year's campaign.

Shanahan, a proponent of the 3-4 defense, gave Haynesworth an opportunity to leave the team — as long as Haynesworth did it prior to receiving his $21 million bonus that would set in on April 1.

After taking the bonus, Haynesworth skipped a mandatory minicamp and subsequently failed a simple fitness test for an entire week upon arrival at training camp.

Haynesworth and Shanahan have taken shots at each other via the media ever since.

His efforts for the Redskins this preseason have been subpar, and he has showed little interest in adjusting to the 3-4 scheme.

The Titans would reportedly "welcome" Haynesworth back, but the sides are not close to an agreement.

Given how much Dan Snyder paid for Haynesworth, his asking price is quite high — meaning a Tennessee homecoming for Haynesworth will be difficult to work out.