Head of the Charles Regatta Live Blog: Michael Sivigny, Gevvie Stone Take Gold in Championship Singles


October 23, 2010

Head of the Charles Regatta Live Blog: Michael Sivigny, Gevvie Stone Take Gold in Championship Singles5:16 p.m.: The first day of the Head Of The Charles has come to an end. Spectators are now filing away from the Charles River but will soon return Sunday morning for the start of another day of constant rowing.

State Police have estimated that a total of 173,000 spectators came out for Saturday’s races.

4:46 p.m.: Gevvie Stone of Cambridge Boat Club reclaims the title of Head Of The Charles in the Championship Women’s Singles.

Stone’s closest competitor in this year’s race was Mae Joyce Gay of Union Boat Club, who trailed Stone by 30 seconds.

Ann Holmes of Pennsylvania Athletic Club beat out Australian Sarah Perkins for the bronze medal in this year’s race. 

4:45 p.m.: GMS Rowing Center’s Michael Sivigny holds off a slew of world-class scullers, giving him the second gold medal in two years in the Championship Men’s Singles.

German Olympic Medalist Marcel Hacker hacks his way into second place, unable to take the title away from Sivigny. Michael Perry of the Dolphin Club falls into the bronze medal, missing silver by two seconds. Favorite Felix Bach was scratched from the race.

The Championship Women’s Singles will be a hard fought battle between 17 competitors, featuring 2008 champion and local favorite Gevvie Stone, Charles River regular M.J Gray, and Australian U23 national team member Sarah Perkins.

4:30 p.m.: Emory University Crew Club took the title of Head Of The Charles while Trinity College took the silver medal.

Trinity must be upset with themselves for missing the gold by a little over one second, and University of Chicago must have similar feelings given their time being less than a second away from silver and only two seconds away from gold.

The Championship Men’s Singles are coming through now, and it looks to be a tight race. Mike Sivigny, last year’s winner, looks to follow up his pristine performance, but German Olympic medalist and World Champion, Marcel Hacker, looks to take the title away along with fellow German, Felix Bach, Jr.

2008 Iraqi Olympian Haidar Nozad will start 17th with all eyes on the gold.The results with be up soon.

4:15 p.m.: Out of 41 competitors in this year’s Collegiate Men’s Fours, WPI came out with the gold with a time of 17:34.981.

Wesleyan University’s time was seven seconds slower than WPI’s, giving them the silver prize.

University of Michigan took the bronze as Philadelphia University fell into the fourth spot.

4:05 p.m.: USRowing takes gold, silver and bronze in Championship Women’s Doubles. 

Jessi Reel and Meg Walsh achieved the title of Head Of The Charles while crew-mates Jennifer Kaido and Jenny Barnes took the silver medal. Desiree Burns with Miranda Cullins achieved the bronze medal, filling the top three ranks with the name USRowing.

3:50 p.m.: BMA Boat Club took the gold along with the title of Head Of The Charles in the Master Women’s Eights.

Toronto Sculling Club came in 17 seconds to late, giving them the silver medal. Marin Rowing Association took the bronze, coming in only three seconds before the Leander Boat Club.

The Craftsbury Sculling Center’s Tom Graves and Peter Graves took the title of Head Of The Charles in the Championship Men’s Doubles. No other pair of rowers can anywhere near their time of 17:06.053. The silver medal was awarded to Potomac Boat Club’s Taylor Frank and William Cowles, whose time was 17:51.416. The Grave brothers must be happy with their performance today as they put their opponents in the dust.

3:25 p.m.: RV Rijnland of Germany was 22 seconds from tying the course record for the Master Men’s Eights.

The Kennebecasis Rowing Club was 35 seconds behind the German crew, receiving the silver medal. Their time beat the bronze medalists of Wide Load BC by three seconds.

Local favorites Cambridge Boat Club and Riverside Boat Club look to challenge the Toronto Sculling Club and Marin in the Master Women’s Eights.

3:15 p.m.: The Master Women’s Fours was a spread out race with the Minnesota Boat Club, who hold the course record, getting the gold.

Saugatuck Rowing Club came in 30 seconds after Minnesota, getting the silver medal. Conibear Rowing Club trailed Saugatuck’s time by 15 seconds.

3:05 p.m.: Palm Beach Rowing Association took the gold medal over the Cambridge Boat Club in the Master Men’s Fours.

Cambridge Boat Club would have had the gold if they were 13 seconds faster. The Palm Beach Rowing Association hold on to their title for the second year in a row.

In third was Cornell University Alumni followed by Black Sheep Rowing Club. 

2:33 p.m.: Cambridge Boat Club take the gold and silver in the Master Women’s Doubles.

Teresa Bell and Saiya Remmler get the title Head Of The Charles while fellow teammates Lindsay Burns Barbier and Linda Muri take the silver.

Both pairs left almost a 30 second gap between them and the rest of the rowers, an impressive achievement.

Narragansett’s Tracy Glover and Carin Reynolds took bronze, although they only beat the fourth place team, Rockford Crew’s Carol Raiskey and Sharon Romilly, by four seconds.

The Master Men’s Fours will be a tight race as Cambridge Boat Club looks to bounce back from getting its four year winning streak broken last year by Palm Beach Rowing Club, the 2009 winner. Challenging both of these clubs are many international units, including Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club from China.

2:15 p.m.: Greg Benning and Jay Manson of Cambridge Boat Club beat the record holders, Mike Smith and Dan Gorriaran, for the gold medal in the Master Men’s Doubles.

Smith and Gorriaran of Narragansett Boat Club won the silver medal and came in just 3 seconds slower than Benning and Manson. Bronze goes to Cambridge Boat Club’s Jonathan Grant and Robert White.

The Club Women’s Doubles will be a heated fight for the gold as all 2009 medalists will take to the Charles again this year. Gold medalists Saiya Remmler and Teresa Zarzeczny-Bell of Cambridge Boat Club look to hold onto their title of Head Of The Charles this year. Harvard Lightweight coach Linda Muri and partner Lindsay Barbier look to challenge that title.

2:10 p.m.: Local favorite Riverside Boat Club took the gold medal in the Club Women’s Eights, the first time since 2003 for the crew.

Fordham’s time was 10 seconds slower than Riverside and 12 seconds faster than Yale University who received the bronze medal.

The Master Men’s Doubles is underway and will be sure to be a tight race. Course record holders, Mike Smith and Dan Gorriaran, hope to hold off the 2009 gold medalist Greg Benning, who has a new partner in this year’s regatta.

1:50 p.m.: Harvard University takes first and third place in the Club Men’s Eights, followed by Boston University in second and Marin Rowing Association in at fourth.

Harvard University won the gold and missed the course record by 13 seconds, an impressive row for the Boston crew.

Six of the top 12 crews in the Club Men’s Eights were from Boston. Northeastern came in at seventh with a time of 16:07.067. Brown University followed in the eighth position — only a second behind Northeastern.

Riverside Boat Club looks to challenge the Yale crew in the Club Women’s Eights for the title that is up for grabs since last year’s winner, University of Virginia, is not boating a crew for this year’s race.

1:30 p.m.: The TBC Racing Crew won the gold medal in the Club Women’s Fours, ahead of Lincoln Park Boat Club who trailed by 22 seconds.

Saint Mary’s College of California won the bronze as the Minneapolis Rowing Club missed the third spot by five seconds. 

Boston College came in 12th with a time of 20:46.309. 

The Club Men’s Eights will be a battle for gold as the 2008 winner Harvard University goes head-to-head with their ultimate rival — Yale University, who won the 2009 race. Don’t look past the German Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania 1869 crew, Yale’s Yankee Doodle Rowing Association and Princeton’s Fat Cat Rowing Club, all of which could challenge the winners of the past two years.

1:05 p.m.: Peterborough Rowing Club came out of nowhere and took the gold medal in the Club Men’s Fours, missing the course record by 20 seconds.

Union Boat Club, Riverside Boat Club and Yale University received the rest of the medals for the race as Harvard University’s team takes the sixth spot behind River City Rowing Company.

Notre Dame, who started the race, ended up in 24th place.

With last year’s Club Women’s Fours winner University of Virginia not returning, the race is sure to be a free-for-all to attain the gold medal.

12:45 p.m.: Riverside Boat Club’s Sarah Schwegman led the Club Women’s Singles, getting the gold medal, as her fellow Riverside scullers Amelia Booth and Emily Huelskamp follow close behind in fourth and fifth.

Ashley Blake of Merrimack River Rowing Association came in second behind Schwegman by 17 seconds. Lincoln Park Boat Club’s Nell Shuttleworth got the bronze despite being almost 30 seconds behind Blake.

Notre Dame looks to hold off local crew and 2008 champions Riverside Boat Club and Union Boat Club in the Club Men’s Fours. This race features a variety of club, alumni, and collegiate rowers from all over the world.

12:20 p.m.: Hugh Mackworth-praed of Auriol Kensington Rowing Club gets the gold medal in the Club Men’s Singles with an impressive time of 19:45.039.

10 seconds behind him was Remco De Keizer of Amstel Rowing Club followed by F Samuel Reiche of Union Boat Club and Charles Biddle of Undine Barge Club.

The Club Women’s Singles will be a Boston showdown as four of the top five bow numbers belong to local scullers. Sarah Schewegman, Amelia Booth and Mary O’Neill, all of Riverside Boat Club, along with Annie Coppock of Community Rowing Inc. will all represent Boston as they compete with 31 other rowers in this year’s Club Women’s Singles.

12:00 p.m.: Melanie Kok of the University of Virginia Alumni took the gold medal in the Alumni Women’s Eights, defending their title as Head Of The Charles.

As predicted, Boola Boola Club’s Alice Henly and University of Louisville Alumni’s Brooke Spence are the only rowers who challenged the returning champions. 

The Club Men’s Singles are finishing up now and looking to be a large, diverse field with 59 rowers competing for the gold medal. Thomas Quigley is in Bow 1 position, starting the race off first. Last year Quigley came in sixth in the race. He looks to move up in the ranks this year.

11:45 a.m.: Northeastern University Rowing Alumni’s Petar Lovric takes first place in the Alumni Men’s Eights with Evergreen Boat Club’s David Dragseth close behind in second.

The Northeastern University Rowing Alumni proved that practicing on the Charles helps a lot come race day. The Charles serves as their practice field and it helped a lot with their performance. 

Evergreen Boat Club’s Justin Jones followed behind, coming in third in front of Sean Gorvy of Crabtree Boat Club. 

Watch out for the University of Virginia Alumnae as they look to follow-up their 2009 victory in the Alumni Women’s Eights. The University of Louisville and Boola Boola Boat Club of Yale University look to challenge the 2009 winner with strong performances this year.

11:25 a.m.: Ingeborg Stekl and Frances Tuite of Lincoln Park Rowing Club get the gold medal this year as they push 2009 winners Trina Olin Santry and Gia Deangelis of Rivanna Rowing Club to silver medal. 

The Alumni Men’s Eights are up next and expect a strong performance from Northeastern Rowing Alumni, 2009 winner, who are rumored to hold regular practices along the Charles, giving them the advantage today.

11:10 a.m.: The Senior-Master Men’s Doubles results are in and last year’s winners fall to third place this year.

John Tunnicliffe and Rob Slocum of Norwalk River Rowing Association came in first giving them the title of Head Of The Charles with a time of 18:23.223.

Narragansett Boat Club’s Andrew Washburn and William Prichett get the silver medal while last year’s winners Peter Kermond and Scott Roop of Belmont Hill School get the bronze.

The Senior-Master Women’s Doubles should be a close race between 2009 winners Trina Olin Santry and Gia Deangelis and second place finishers Ingeborg Stekl and Frances Tuite. 

The crowds are getting more and more excited as the day’s races go by on this beautiful October day.

10:50 a.m.: The top four teams of 2009 for the Senior-Master Women’s Fours all fall to the new Dutch entry, RV Willem III, who missed the course record by only a second.

Boulder Community Rowing’s time was over 40 seconds behind RV Willem III, however, they received the silver medal in this year’s race. Saugatuck Rowing Club came through with the bronze medal, trailed by Oreans Sweeps and Watercat Rowing Club.

The Senior-Master Men’s Doubles look to be an interesting race with last year’s winners Peter Kermond and Scott Roop leading a field of 40 teams. It is expected that Saman Majd and Mark Alloway of Saugatuck Rowing Club will challenge last year’s winners.

10:45 a.m.: 1980 Rowing Club receives the gold medal in the Senior-Master Men’s Fours with the Riverside Boat Club ten seconds behind.

The Riverside Boat Club came in three seconds before the Rocky Mountain Rowing Club who beat the Upper Thames Rowing Club by 11 seconds. 

The Senior-Master Women’s Fours looks to be a close race with the top four crews from 2009 returning. Orleans Sweeps, Saugatuc Rowing Club, Watercat Rowing Club, and Boulder Community Rowing all look towards the gold medal which would give them the title of Head Of The Charles.

10:40 a.m.: The Senior-Master Women’s Eights was a close race but the Etats Unis Rowing Club keep their title as Head Of The Charles with another gold medal.

Etats Unis came in with a time of 18:35.435. 1980 Rowing Club was predicted to be Etats Unis Rowing Club’s close competitor but fell to third by 15 seconds. Marin Rowing Association came in second, 9 seconds after the two-time winners Etats Unis.

Local favorite Riverside Boat Club looks to challenge the 1980 Rowing Club in the Men’s Senior Master Fours which is finishing up any time now.

10:10 a.m.: Team Attager wins their fifth gold medal in the Senior-Master Eights race with a time of 16:15.302.

They are followed by Palm Beach Rowing Association who came in with a time of 16:44.810. 

Leander Boat Club receives the bronze medal in this year’s race following the Palm Beach team with a time of 16:49.628. 1980 Rowing Club followed close behind with 16:53.663.

The women’s Senior-Master Eights results will be posted shortly. Etats Unis look to follow up their 2009 record-breaking gold medal performance (17:44.959) with a victory over the 1980 Rowing Club.

10:00 a.m.: Local favorite Tina Vandersteel of Riverside Boat Club gets the gold medal in her performance today in the Senior-Master Singles, pushing out the five-time Head Of The Charles  champion Ellen Kennelly of Cambridge Boat Club.

Vandersteel came in with a time of 22:04.882 in the 3.2 mile race down the Charles, followed by Maureen Harriman of Whistler Rowing Club with a time of 22:14.169. Vandersteel blew her opponents out of the water, coming in 10 seconds before any other rower in her race. 

Marie Mccormack Krugar receives the bronze medal with a time of 22:24.783 followed by Kirsten Debiasi who came in with a time of 22:30.443.

Five-time Head Of The Charles champion Ellen Kennelly fell to eighth place this year with a time of 22:58.998

9:50 a.m.: James Mcgaffigan of GMS Rowing Center gets the gold medal of the Senior-Master Singles for the men with a time of 18:58.909.

Tom Bohrer of Wide Load Boat Club came in second with a time of 19:03.288, failing to follow up his 2009 victory. RBC/Palm Beach’s Sean Wolf gets the bronze with a time of 19:12.812, snubbing Russ Cone of Wide Load Boat Club to fourth with a time of 19:15.582.

The women’s results of the Senior-Master Singles will be up shortly followed by the men’s Senior-Master Eights where Team Attager will look to win their fifth straight Head of the Charles in this event.

9:36 a.m.: Margarita Zezza of Lincoln Park Boat Club follows up her 2009 gold medal performance with another gold medal this year, keeping her title as the Head Of The Charles.

Zezza’s first place finish was 21:23.317 followed by CB Sands-Bohrer of the Cambridge Boat Club with a time of 21:27.667 and Charmie Curran of Amoskeag Rowing Club with a time of 21:51.807.

More and more spectators are forming on the seven bridges throughout the race to cheer their favorite rowers/teams on. If you don’t plan on catching a glimpse of the races along the Charles today, results will be posted for each of the races here.

9:15 a.m: The results are in for the men’s Grand Master Singles.

In first place, coming in with a time of 18:54.519, is Peter Macgowan from Hanlan Boat Club (Bow 64). Macgowan came close to the record for the race which is 18:54.30, put in place by Lawrence Klecatsky in 1992. Second place goes to John Tracey of Riverside Boat Club (Bow 1) with a time of 19:21.671, barely beating the time of Michael Stolper (Bow 2) of Undine Barge Club who had a time of 19:22.244.

Timothy Hefferan of Independence Rowing Club followed with a time of 19:31.513. Gregg Stone and Dennis Ruane of Cambridge Boat Club came in one after the other behind Hefferan. 

This race was a great way to start the Regatta off, with Macgowen coming close to the record.

The women’s Grand-Master Singles results will be posted shortly along with the men’s Senior-Master Singles which started close to 9 a.m.

8:46 a.m.: The results for the men’s Grand Master Singles are trickling in, stay posted for the top results which will be up soon.

The women in the Grand Master Singles are now rowing down the Charles to the finish. Claps and excited fans can be heard cheering them on all down the Charles. 

8:10 a.m.: John Tracy moved from the Senior Master Single to take the top spot in the Grand Master Singles this year, followed by 2009 winner Michael Stolper. 

Local scullers Greg Stone and Chip Matthes of the Cambridge Boat Club are expected to have strong performances this year.

Results for each of today’s races will be posted shortly after they end.

7:50 a.m.: The sun is shining as spectators begin to gather along the Charles River for the start of the first race, the men’s Grand-Master Singles which is set to start at 8 a.m.

This category features 71 rowers who are least 50 years old, competing to be the first ‘Head of the Charles’ for this year’s Regatta.

There is little to no wind, which could either help or give rowers trouble while paddling down the Charles this morning.

6 a.m.: The 46th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta is coming your way as the exciting weekend event will start early Saturday morning and run through Sunday afternoon. The HOTC takes place on Boston?s legendary Charles River and the event has come a long way since the first race held in 1965.

‘Head’ races are three-mile long events where boats are started 15 seconds apart from one another. Over 8,000 athletes from all over the world will compete on Saturday and Sunday in men’s and women’s races to a crowd of an estimated 300,000 spectators cheering on their favorite teams.

The races are scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. with the Grand-Master Singles. It is good news that the skies are supposed to be clear and sunny all day but there will be winds reaching 18 MPH coming from the west which will definitely impact on the rowers.

The following are just a few of the teams that are expected to be seen at the top of the charts: University of California, University of Washington, Germany?s gold medal U23 boat, Syracuse University, Yale’s Yankee Doodle Rowing Association, University of Virginia, Harvard University, Camp Randall, USRowing, Boston University, Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft Germania, Princeton’s Fat Cat Rowing Club, U.S Naval Academy, Tohoku University, Stanford University and Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing.

The following are some individuals who will be going all out in the singles’ races: Mike Sivigny, Marcel Hacker, Felix Bach, Jr, Gevvie Stone, John Tracy, Michael Stolper, Greg Stone, Chip Matthes, M. J. Gay, Sarah Perkins, Annie Coppock, Amelia Booth, Margarita Zezza and Amber Cuthbertson.

For a complete list of all the races and their scheduled start times, visit www.hocr.org

Photo courtesy of Scott Woolwine

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