Brad Childress Admits to Stealing Signals, Digging Himself Deeper Hole


Oct 27, 2010

FOXBORO, Mass. — Vikings head coach Brad Childress has said plenty of things that have gotten the NFL's attention, but Wednesday's tidbit may require further explanation.

That’s because Childress admitted to stealing other teams' signs.

During his conference call with the New England media on Wednesday, Childress, who was fined $35,000 this week for criticizing officials, was asked what he meant by dubbing the Patriots as one of the great sign-stealing teams of all time.

"I said what I said," Childress stated. "That’s in the past. We all try to get any tips that we can get or glean standing on the sidelines. I'm sure it's done throughout the league. We do it as well. I'll just let those stand. I have a great deal of respect for coach [Bill] Belichick and the way he's formulated that program in the last 10 years, and I've told him so. He has a mentally tough team that are great competitors that play the way I hope one of my team plays one of these days."

That was Childress' answer in its entirety, but the five words hidden halfway through the response — "We do it as well" — might have some in the league office banging their heads against the wall.

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