Shaquille O’Neal Donates 2,500 Pounds of Pasta to Greater Boston Food Bank


Shaquille O'Neal could have rested up on Monday night, given the huge season opener against the Miami Heat on Tuesday. Instead, he was loading 2,500 pounds of pasta into a truck to take to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

O'Neal went to the Buca di Beppo, a restaurant in which he invests, in Lexington, Mass., to get the pasta, and he says that he will continue to help out the food bank, perhaps by doing something for vegetarians in downtown Boston on Thanksgiving, the Lexington Minuteman reports.

Shaq, however, downplayed his good deed.

"I try to do my part. … I just wanted to donate some pasta," he said.

O'Neal, of course, is a master of publicity, and this "random act of Shaqness," as well as his announcement that he will probably go there before games, will likely serve his investment in the restaurant well. has showcased one Moment of Shaq every day leading up to the Celtics' season opener against the Heat on Oct. 26 at the TD Garden.

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