Tom Brady Denies Charley Casserly Report, Says Rumored Tiff With Randy Moss Never Happened


CBS analyst Charley Casserly dropped a bomb on the football world on Sunday afternoon when he shared an inside scoop regarding the relationship between Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

Casserly claimed that the quarterback and wide receiver "had to be separated" following a locker room scuffle prior to the trade of Moss to the Vikings last week. Brady, who was a guest on WEEI on Tuesday morning, cleared the air.

"No, certainly not," Brady said on The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show. "I don't know why these things come about, but they do. I think it's just a competitive media culture out there now and certainly between Randy and I, I love the guy as a person and as a player. I don't think I've ever had an altercation with a teammate."

This report seemed fishy from the beginning, as Casserly claimed the fight was started due to hair. Yes, hair — as in Brady's Justin Bieber-like coiffure and Moss' beard.

"You demand a certain level of respect in the locker room, and I think that's the culture of our team, and I don't think I've ever seen any players in our locker room fight. That's just not the way it is," Brady said.

Brady also explained that, contrary to some reports, he was not asked his thoughts of the potential trade prior to the swap with Minnesota.

"Certainly not. You know, I'm a player on this team, just like all the other players, and obviously I talk a lot to the coaches, and they talk to the players, but they'd never come and say, 'Well, what do you think about this?' I mean, we show up to work and we do our job, and I think that's the best way to handle things as a player."

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