Michael LaPayower’s Yankeesland Videos Earn Him Title of ‘Yankees Fan of the Year’


Michael LaPayower's Yankeesland Videos Earn Him Title of 'Yankees Fan of the Year' The New York Yankees have a new Fan of the Year, and the choice is a bit … surprising.

The YES Network has named Michael LaPayower their Chevy Fan of the Year after his “Yankeesland” videos went viral during the 2010 season.

LaPayower’s videos have shown off his lyrics writing and singing abilities — along with showcasing his acting.

“It?s been a rough year for the New York Yankees organization and New York Yankees fans, due to the losses of Bob Sheppard, George Steinbrenner, Ralph Houk and Freddy ?Sez? Schuman,” LaPayower said. “It?s a great honor during such a year to be named the Chevy ‘Fan of the Year.'”

His videos may be strange, but props for caring more about your team than your own public image.


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Michael LaPayower's Yankeesland Videos Earn Him Title of 'Yankees Fan of the Year'

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“I don’t care if James Naismith was guarding me, which would be scary because he’s dead. I really don’t care who’s guarding me to be honest with you.”
–Rudy Gay, after making a buzzer-beating jumper over LeBron James’ head in the Grizzlies’ win over the Heat on Saturday night.


Putting the “World” in World Series.

“How about moving the World Series to Australia. There would be late spring weather. You could play the games as usual at night but back in the States they would appear to be day games with the time difference. It would be like the old days when fans would skip school and work to watch.”
–giant man


Here’s what earned Michael LaPayower the YES Network’s Yankees Fan of the Month.

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