Fan Forum: How Many Points Will Marc Savard Have at the End of the Regular Season?


Fan Forum: How Many Points Will Marc Savard Have at the End of the Regular Season? In his two games played since his long-awaited return to the Bruins, center Marc Savard has yet to register a point on the score sheet. Those goose eggs in the scoring columns, however, shouldn't last much longer.

Missing the first two months of the season will take a hit on Savard's final numbers, but if he picks up his scoring habits of years past, he should no problem tacking on the points.

Savard missed half of the 2009-10 season and still managed to put up 33 points on the year, ranking seventh on the team in that category. In his three years with the Bruins before that, Savvy put up 96, 78 and 88 points respectively.

Simply put, the guy can score. A fact that Bruins fans are well aware of, considering their harsh reaction to losing him for the first two months of the year and their incredible ovation upon his return last Thursday. Savard is an energetic playmaker, and the Bruins are thrilled to have him back in the lineup, but where will his points stack up this year?

Savvy is a proven prolific scorer, but coming off a difficult head injury will likely affect his play as he transitions back into the game after the six-month rehab session. Savard himself said he still had some rust to shake off after Thursday's game, and it will take precious time for him to regain game shape.

Then again, as Patrice Bergeron has proven to the hockey community, you can recover from a difficult head injury and find your scoring touch once again. Bergeron put up 39 points in the season following his concussion in 2007, and posted 52 points last year. He's already on his way to another successful season, as he has 14 points through 25 games played this year.

But can Savard follow suit? He recorded three points in the playoffs last season while still struggling with the after effects of Matt Cooke's hit, so how will he do this season with a full bill of health?

How many points do you think Marc Savard will have this season? Share your thoughts below.

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