Vote: What Is the Red Sox’ Most Pressing Need?


Vote: What Is the Red Sox' Most Pressing Need? The Red Sox reportedly traded for Adrian Gonzalez on Saturday morning, finally completing their seemingly never-ending pursuit of the All-Star slugger.

However, as much as Gonzalez will improve the Red Sox’ lineup, you have to think they aren’t done with their offseason shopping just yet.

For starters, the Red Sox have indicated that they’d like to patch up their bullpen after a disappointing 2010 campaign. They’ve already been linked to a handfull of top-notch arms, but may opt to grab a lot of low-risk-high-reward help instead.

On the other hand, the Red Sox also could attempt to further bolster the depth of their lineup. They struggled at times last season to produce runs, so they may look to add even more than Gonzalez, perhaps in the form of outfielder Carl Crawford.

Signing one of those outfielders may make a bigger splash than signing a reliever or two, but with Gonzalez likely on board, is shoring up the bullpen the Red Sox’ most pressing need?

What is the Red Sox' most pressing need?customer surveys

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