When have you ever known Bill Belichick to give the inside scoop on the inner workings of his football-genius mind? Never, that's when.

So it came as no surprise when Belichick was evasive on Friday when asked about Chad Ochocinco's potential future with the Patriots.

According to the Boston Globe, Belichick avoided answering any questions about Ochocinco, but insisted that he still has a lot of respect for the Bengals' wide receiver, despite whatever rumors are out there. That's as far as Belichick would go, however, as he wouldn't comment on his prospective future in New England.

"I can't talk about players under contract,'' the Patriots' head coach said after the AFC Pro Bowl practice at Kapolei High School in western Oahu.

He can, however, talk about prepping for next season. It was another topic where Belichick didn't provide much insight, but you can be sure he's already poring material from the Patriots' 14-2 season.

"It's not so much about changes but trying to look at the entire season — what happened back in September and December," he said. "Just trying to address it all and take inventory."